Corrie Perkins

LMFT – CA 115638
LMFT – TX 204992

Welcome. Seeking help involves great courage. At times, we all feel a little off, unbalanced and in need of some support. If you’re reading this because: you’re struggling with life in the military, you’ve experienced a trauma or grief that has you stuck, life is feeling overwhelming, you can’t seem to relax or control your worrisome thoughts, or maybe you and your partner aren’t able to connect or communicate emotionally or intimately, I’m here to help. I can support you in feeling heard while processing the uncomfortable thoughts and feelings, all without judgment. Together let’s find healthy balance, new coping skills and growth.

I treat Individuals & Couples. For Individuals, I tend to use empathy & transparency to empower you & help you feel heard, while improving your communication, boundaries & sense of self. For Couples, I lean on Gottman & P.A.C.T. training to focus on communication skills, emotional intimacy & help you both turn towards each other & practice vulnerability.

I have a deep respect for my clients, for their wisdom and their struggles. My work focuses on supporting you, since you are ultimately the expert of your life, in a way that helps you get back to the satisfying, healthy, and BALANCED life you deserve to live.

Corrie Perkins, LMFT


  • Couples / Relationship Issues
  • Military Life / Stressors
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

  • Grief & Loss