Matthew (Matt) Whitmore

LMFT – CA 144520

What I find meaningful about my work is the chance to sit with others, hear their unique stories, and collaboratively create long-term goals that align with my client’s life’s purpose. As a therapist specializing in positive psychology (the science of happiness), I enjoy exploring and reviewing my client’s inner strengths and seeing how they can be applied in their personal and professional lives. I use a unique combination of active listening, collaborating, and educating clients on some of the most critical findings in psychology today.

Over the past several years, I have specialized in treating various issues, such as depression, anxiety, family dynamics, anger management, and shame. Working alongside you and witnessing you find your true purpose in life would be my privilege.

Matthew Whitmore, AMFT


  • Men’s Mental Health

  • Depression

  • Trauma

  • Couples Therapy

  • Anxiety

  • Career Transitions